Dalida Bar is a small boutique bar, located across the street from the restaurant, with a nocturnal, sexy and intoxicating atmosphere.

The Bar's content world is meticulously intertwined with its various components, creating a complete experience. This is evident in the design, the precise and compact wine and cocktail menu, and the food menu whose dishes are tailor made to accompany the drinks but also offer their own culinary stand, based on fine raw materials.

All these are accompanied by a warm, enveloping playlist. The Bar was designed with a black marble island at its center, serving as the heart of the space. The Bar is accessible from all sides, bringing together hosts, chef, bar tenders and guests. This provides for a relaxed, intimate, sexy atmosphere, and a professional and attentive service.



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30% off the dining and drinks menu

Sun' - Thu' 18:00 - 19:30

Where to find us?

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